All Saturday classes will be cancelled today due to the snow storm. Classessses can be made up on Monday or Tuesday for beginners. Novice classes will be made up on Wednesday or Thursday, see our class schedule here on big tent.

Neponset Valley Feis - Schedule


Note: All Boys and Girls competitions for beginner-PW have been combined

All Pre Beginners and Beginners

Adv. Beginner U6/Adv. Beginner U7*
Adv. Beginner U8
Adv. Beginner U9
Novice U9

Adv. Beginner U11
Adv. Beginner U10
Adv. Beginner U12/Adv. Beginner 13+*&Novice U13**
Novice U6/Novice U7/Novice U8*

Novice U14/Novice 14+*&Boys PW 11+ /PW U13*
Novice U12
Novice U10
Novice U11

Neponset Valley Feis -Entry still open

Entry Still Open no late fee til Oct. 11th.

10th Annual Neponset Valley Feis
Saturday, October 25, 2014
This Feis registered, sanctioned and governed by rules of An Coimisiún, North American Feis Commission & the New England Region Pat Watkins, President, NAFC

Liam Harney, ADCRG
Carol Didget Pomfret

Please download our updated syllabus. The 'Age as of' date has been corrected to reflect 2014 instead of 2013.

Winner of the "One Direction" raffle

One D Raffle Winner
The One Direction raffle was held at the studio last night. The winner was Steve Weinstein, who bought his ticket from Maggie Teahan's father.

The raffle raised $2,350 for the Dancer's Fund.

Many thanks to the 20 dancers who sold tickets. Nine dancers sold 25 or more tickets and will receive prizes based on the number of tickets they sold. Caroline Chung sold the most tickets (75).

Thank you for your support of this fundraiser!

Summer Workshop Dates

This year our summer workshop dates will be:
August 4,5,6,6,7,8
August 11,12,13,14 and 15. Showcase on the 15th.
Please see the next Harney newsletter for more information and details.

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open class schedule updated 12/19

Open and Prelim classes are combined on Wed 12/19 and Thursday 12/20.
All at Main St. 4:00 - 6:30 both days.

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