Our Approach

Core to our teaching philosophy at the Academy is fostering an environment of "Continuous Learning". We strongly feel that if each student is given a steady diet of feedback and encouragement, they can realize their potential. Our goal is to not only teach a respect and appreciation for the Irish culture, but to encourage each student to embrace their personal growth and development. Through and effective combination of core teaching values and a well balanced class offering, we help students realize and exceed their goals.

Our relationship with students and parents begins by establishing a partnership. We believe that learning is truly a collaborative effort and have developed our logo to capture the essence of what we value as teachers and what we expect from our students.

Each day, our three faces remind us and reinforce the values in strength, endurance and wisdom

Laying a solid foundation is a key ingredient to an Irish Dancer's success as a performer and competitor. Therefore, our priority has always been to promote and train the fundamentals. However, in addition, each student at the academy is offered a unique blend of alternative performing arts to improve one's Irish stepdancing performance and style. We call this "FUSION". By fusing together jazz and dramatic elements with a strong stepdancing discipline, a student's on-stage confidence and presence is enhanced.